Are The Chinese Bluffing The US Military In Their True Missile Capabilities?

Is the Pentagon going with the Chinese bluff narrative to scare Congress into funding more military defense projects and future mega-weapon systems procurement? Personally, I wonder about this, because as I study the Chinese copies of US and Russian military aircraft, ships, tanks and missiles, along with strategy and cyber warfare it appears to me that they are not nearly as capable as they pretend. Oh sure, they are light years ahead of North Korean and Iran but nowhere near their purported narrative.

Some of the missiles we are supposed to fear have never been tested against a moving target or a target that is capable of defending itself. Sun Tzu recommended deception of strength to create fear of enemy attack thus, we can expect that much of China’s posturing, military parade photo-ops, hardline statements from military generals, and state-run media stories of military prowess is as embellished as their self-purported economic numbers and economic stability whist in the middle of the one of the hugest debt bubble ratios of any economy that size in world history.

Now then, don’t take my assessment just because this article is compelling, do your own intelligence gathering. Indeed, I can recommend watching this YouTube Video on this topic: “8 Bells Lecture | Andrew Erickson: Chinese Aerospace Power: Evolving Maritime Roles,” posted; Sep 9, 2011 from the Naval War College. That’s a good start, and then you can better understand the true capabilities of Chinese military offensive and defensive missile systems such as the:


China would love to deny the US Navy access to the South China Sea, access to waters within 450 miles of Taiwan and prevent us from defending our allies such as Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, and plus-or-minus Philippines against any Chinese Military excursions against those nations. China would rather the US military not support India as there are disputed territories between the two nations. If the United States is to remain a relevant Super Power we must be bold and let our allies know we will back them, and China needs to realize we will back them too, if someone tries to attack them without legitimate provocation.

We must also base or decisions, tactics and strategy on facts, today’s facts, not tomorrow’s. China has a wish list, and money backing military weapons research or stolen military technology information here at home – they are robustly working towards their goals but are still a long way off. Their aircraft carriers and their operational naval abilities are not close. Harassing our US Navy ships with fishing boats, or our aircraft with old cold war jet fighter technology isn’t funny, but really it’s no contest either. China doesn’t want a war with us, and we don’t want a war with our favorite trading partner (currently) either.

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