Flight Before Dawn: WWII Historical Fiction About the French Resistance

Historical Fiction remains a popular category among readers. In particular, WWII continues to draw new generations of readers into the pages of heroism and courage.

Combining historical background, strength of character, mystery, and suspense, Flight Before Dawn is a new novel that explores the French Resistance.

About the Book:

Before there was D-Day…

For over two years, she’s watched him.

Now he’s on her doorstep.

This is life in the Resistance.

In Normandy in 1943, Victoire leads a band of the Resistance. When Leal, the man she’s had watched for over two years, arrives at her doorstep, she’ll have to face new challenges in war and in love.

Robberies, a kidnapping and clandestine night adventures were not at all what Victoire planned for her life. And she most certainly never planned to be betrayed. But war – and love – are unpredictable. Joined by her friend Rainier who is mistrusted by Leal, the mysterious Voleta, and Father Pierre, Victoire and Leal must struggle for survival, the grounds of France, and the material of their souls.

When Leal unearths a twenty-five-year-old secret, with Victoire at the center, her whole life is shaken. As the Allies approach, the past, present and future hang in the balance. Can anyone be trusted when the world spins upside down?

ISBN eBook: 9781508046653

ISBN Paperback: 9781366876287

ISBN Hardcover: 9781366876294

What Readers at Goodreads are Saying:

“I am loving this book! It has everything, romance, adventure and subtle humor thrown in. The characters are wonderfully passionate people that will do anything to help the Resistance.

Finished it! Wow! This was a fabulous book. Loved it!” – Desy

“What a fabulous book! Megan has really brought the French Resistance and WWII to life without having written a history book. She keeps you entrenched in the love, passion and conflict of living through a war one will not concede to while enticing the mind with reminders of history and literature.” -Jordan

“An interesting tale set in the dark time of WWII Occupied France, Flight Before Dawn is full of intrigue, deception, and hope. Twists abound as you follow several characters through a maze of secrets on their quest for freedom.”-Keely

“Because my mother lived in occupied Holland and because my grandfather was part of the Dutch Resistance, novels about World War II and the resisters have always been a favorite of mine. So I was eager to read Ms. Easley-Walsh’s debut novel, Flight Before Dawn. The novel tells the story of several members of the French Resistance through the darkest days of the war until their liberation and does a lovely job of evoking the French countryside, the ’40s ethos and the tension of living in an occupied country. In the midst of a complex plot, filled with spies, lies, and a double agent, the author deals with the nuances of the war and those involved in it, exploring what it means to be ready to sacrifice your life for your country and strength to do so. The novel is a poignant reminder that freedom has a tremendous cost.” – C.M.

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