Terrorism Is a Global Problem – Will the Globalist Elite Use This As An Excuse to Delete Freedom?

Terrorism Is a Global Problem – Will the Globalist Elite Use This As An Excuse to Delete Freedom?

We all know there is sectarian violence in much of the Middle East, and on the African Continent the religious waring never seems to stop. Then there is ethnic cleansing which is so bad, it’s hard not to call “Humanity” an oxymoron. The reality is such things have been going on for as long as humans have recorded their history, and probably a long-time before that considering that Chimpanzee Troops often attack and kill neighboring troop members, not much could be more terrorizing than that in the middle of the night if you were a member of that species.

If we look up “Terrorism” on WikiPedia we see a long list of terrorist acts and events spanning many decades, perhaps it’s just a word, “Guerilla Warfare” embodies similar tactics and goals, and that’s been going on a while too. Raping and pillaging villages is a historical known as well.

In the Journal of Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security International – Winter Issue, Vol. 19 No. 4, 2013 there were several articles about how established nations were going through a tremendous amount of challenges with terrorism – there were articles about Germany, China, Russia, and the US along with mentions of issues in North Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa, South America, Mexico, Canada and other parts of Europe and Asia. We all know there are unbelievable problems in the Middle East. Amongst the articles listed were;

1. “The Terrorist Threats Against China and Its Counter Terrorism Responses,” by Dr. Joshua Sinai.
2. “The Terrorist Threats Against Russia and Its Counter Terrorism Responses,” Same Author.
3. “Are the XXII Sochi Olympics Really a Boon for Russia,” by William La Follette and Kinan Baki.
4. “Germany’s BKA (FBI Equivalent) Is Active Against Terrorism,” by Jim Weiss and Mickey Davis.

All in all, Terrorism seems to exist on every continent except maybe Antarctica – and who knows if the ice melts a little more and the temps warm, someone is bound to be the first to commit a terrorist act there too. It is interesting that in late 2016 the Pope visited and noted it was the only continent where we have no recorded history of wars being fought, or terrorism being waged. I am not going to hold my breath once humankind starts establishing great populations there.

One could say there is no terrorism on the International Space Station, Moon or Mars yet either, again maybe it is population-based, what I mean to say, maybe it’s like Locust Plagues, once you get too many of a species in one place over-stressing the resources, they can get out-of-control. But whatever the reason, such behavior is not common to only humankind, nor should we be surprised as to how hard it is to prevent it. No wonder we need several academic journals to hypothesize about it. But we still have an underlining problem to answer; Why?

Over all, the chances of dying from a terrorist event are very low, and no, that doesn’t make them any less deadly, however, we spend too much time in our personal lives worrying about it. In the US you are way more likely to die in a traffic accident, MRSA at the hospital, or of cancer. Just the fact that we allow the media to cause us to have concern and fear terrorism, we are diverting resources to “real” things that actually are more likely to kill you.

If we live in fear, and thus, give up our rights to freedom, privacy, and liberty or trade away some of those rights for perceived safety, we are also giving up our power to those who promise us protection for more control over our lives. Since terrorism is all around the world, and we have global elites who’d like to control the world – what a perfect excuse and a sinisterly devised plan to do just that.

Now are these the words of a paranoid man? No, actually, this is just little philosophy and your resident history buff talking, for it was Benjamin Franklin who said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” not I.

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