US Military Readiness Is Vitally Important – Are We Doing Enough?

Yes, I’d rather use our Federal Treasury for better things, but we don’t live in the perfect utopian world of the future, we live in today’s world and that means we need military weapons and readiness. This means training, equipment, and weapon systems. Question is: how much is enough? A very fair question, and to that point I dare to ask; how much is too little? That’s right, considering the challenges in the world today, are we ready for multiple wars simultaneously, or having a conventional conflict with a fellow superpower, emerging superpower, or former superpower? Let’s discuss this.

UPI Online International News had an interesting article posted on December 29, 2016 titled; “U.S. Navy orders 214 Raytheon Tomahawk missiles,” written by Ryan Maass which stated:

“Raytheon received all funding for the contract at the time of the award, which was not competitively procured. The Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River MA, is listed as the contracting activity. The Tomahawk Block IV missile is Raytheon’s latest variant of the weapon. It comes equipped with a two-way satellite data-link, allowing operators to reprogram the missile’s target midflight. Raytheon and the Navy are planning additional enhancements for the missile by attaching a more powerful warhead, a new seeker for hitting moving targets, and upgraded communications.”

As a military analyst for our Think Tank, this concerns me very much. And mind you, it’s not that I oppose the use of Tomahawk Missiles, or that I don’t think Raytheon is a top-notched prime military contract – I favor both. Rather, I am concerned that the 214 unit order is way too small. Did you know that we shot off over 112 missiles into Libya in 2011, during that conflict? (Cite: 1). Some reports have the number at more like 200 (Cite: 2). Regardless of the actual number remember Libya is a very small country.

Who knows who we might go to war with someday? Iran, North Korea, or even Russia or worse China (ouch). We’ve set ourselves up for a showdown of military might amongst all those nations. These latest upgraded versions probably run just under $1 million each, and it’s not like we can just build them and transfer or ship them into the theater overnight once they are built. Risking pricier equipment like F-22’s to take out first priority targets is another option, but an F-22, if you lost one, plus the pilot would not be good + plus the costs to deliver those weapons to the target require a lot of coordination, fuel, logistics and the smart munitions, bomb or missile that actually hits the target. See that point? Don’t Hesitate To Be Great!


1. ABC News Report; “U.S. Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Hit Targets in Libya” by Devin Dwyer and Luis Martinez, aired March 19, 2011 (YouTube footage available online).

2. DefenseTech website: “2,000 Tomahawks Fired in Anger” by John Reed, published on August 4, 2011.

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